Total Package v/s Actual Expenses in Bangladesh & Other Countries

Bangladesh has package system which generally includes fees and hostel, payment schedule is also different and suggested by concerned colleges. Yearly fees or payment system is not much popular in Bangladesh. Here we have mentioned the components/factors you must consider before taking admission in any medical college of Bangladesh or other country. We tried to cover all important facts to be considered before taking admission.

Academic/Tuition Fees | This amount is directly paid to the college, this amount includes tuition fees, deposits, clinical fees, any other academic fees, library fees. it also includes session fees, development fees, cultural fees, graduation fees and all other expenses related to the academics.

Hostel Fees | Before making decision of selecting any institute you must understand the cost of hostel/accommodation, because it is one of the important factors. Some of the institutes include the fees of hostel, some of them have separate fees for accommodation.

Cost of Food | Generally, cost of food depends on individual’s eating habits and it also depends on city of your stay. if you stay in capital city, food will be expensive if you stay in smaller towns cost of living will be low and quality of food will be better and fresh,

University Registration, Govt. Fees & Exam Fees| In case of MBBS in Bangladesh it becomes very important to understand these 2 elements as many of the consultancies/colleges does not inform about these 2 elements at the time of admission which is approx. All University has different fee structure which may vary between 300 to 1000 USD (University Registration, Govt Fees & Exam Fees) which are also expenses. Many people do not add these 3 things in their package (specially in Dhaka University Affiliated Colleges) to show fewer amounts as total expenses. Exam fee is payable directly to the concerned University before Prof Exams.

Internship Fees | Now as per FMGL Act 2021, Internship is compulsory so total expenses of fees, hostel, food, insurance & visa renewal must be calculated with total package as this cannot be avoided with new rules. In most of the colleges of Bangladesh Internship is FREE, but all other countries are charging annual fees and other expense for internship, which is a big financial burden.

Insurance & Visa Renewal Fees | In case of Bangladesh Insurance is not mandatory and Visa fees is not applicable for Indian nationals but if you compare total expense with any other country, every year students must pay for Insurance & Visa renewal.

Service Fees (Payable in India) | You should also understand that what does your service fees includes, generally application, invitation, equivalence certificate, visa process, first air ticket, medical kit (stethoscope, apron and basic books), international insurance, travel card and other facilities are the inclusions in services payable in India. This fee is payable only once, rest are payable as per schedule.

Other Expenses | While making decision for selecting any institute in Bangladesh, you should also be aware about the location, Indian students can enter by air, road and rail and there are multiple entries. Cost of traveling per year is also an important factor to consider (like Rangpur is cheaper and convenient travel from India if you compare from Dhaka or other cities)

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