Why Bangladesh is Best for Indian Students

जानिए क्यों एवं कैसे बांग्लादेश अन्य सभी देशों से बेहतर हैं

अन्य देश जैसे रूस, चीन, यूक्रेन, कजाखस्तान, कीर्गिस्तान, बेलारूस, फिलीपींस, ताजीकिस्तान में भारत जैसा माहौल (मौसम, रहन-सहन, भोजन, भाषा, बीमारियां, पढाई का तरीका, हॉस्पिटल एवं दवाईयां ) ना होने से भारतीय छात्र-छात्रों को रहने एवं पढ़ने में कई तरह की तकलीफ उठानी पड़ती हैं, मौसम अत्यधिक ठंडा होने एवं स्थानीय भाषा की पढाई के लिए अलग से क्लास जरुरी होने से अतिरिक्त समय ख़राब होता हैं, बांग्लादेश का MCI की परीक्षा का परिणाम अन्य सभी देशों से बेहतर हैं

बांग्लादेश में विद्यार्थिओं की देखभाल एवं सुरक्षा के लिए किसी को साथ रहने की जरुरत नहीं होती, यहाँ शराब पर प्रतिबन्ध हैं एवं MCI की कोचिंग की जरुरत भी नहीं होती, भारतीय बॉडीगार्ड/Care Taker एवं MCI कोचिंग को सुविधा बताने वाले लोगों से यह जरूर पूछें की इन चीजों की जरुरत क्यों पड़ती हैं, क्या यह देश सुरक्षित नहीं हैं, क्या यहाँ पढ़ने के बाद MCI की परीक्षा पास करना इतना मुश्किल होता है की अतिरिक्त तैयारी की जरुरत पड़ती हैं

बांग्लादेश में केवल इस वर्ष अथवा पिछले वर्ष में अच्छे अंकों से (न्यूनतम 7 GPA) बारहवीं पास हुए विद्यार्थिओं को ही प्रवेश मिलता हैं जो पढाई के स्तर एवं गुणवत्ता को तय करता हैं, अन्य देशों में 40 एवं 50 प्रतिशत से पास हुए विद्यार्थिओं को भी प्रवेश मिल जाता हैं, जो उनकी पढाई के स्तर एवं गुणवत्ता को तय करता हैं और इसी कारण से अन्य देशों से आने वाले विद्यार्थिओं को MCI की परीक्षा पास करने में परेशानी होती हैं

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Yes, Bangladesh is one of the best options for Indian Students, it’s logical and simple. Reasons are listed below

Weather– If you opt for Bangladesh you don’t need to face extreme cold weather (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Georgia and China all countries has 2 to 6 months extreme cold weather, -5 to -45 degree), this helps students in Bangladesh to focus on studies, they get more time to study and a right environment to study.

Language – Students in Bangladesh do not need to attend classes for language, mother tongue is Bangladesh is Bengali and if anyone is comfortable in Hindi, they can speak Bengali in 2-3 months because most of words are similar to Hindi. In case of other countries student need to attend separate classes for local language (Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh, Kirgiz, Tajikistani, Chinese, Georgian or other language), they also need to pass exam for local language, which is time and effort taking process. If you study in Bangladesh you get more time to study medical subjects.

Food – Bangladesh is separated from India, so eating habits and similar to India. You will get Samosa, Jalebi, Tea, Milk, Coffee, Parantha in breakfast. You will get Roti, Vegetable, Dal, Rice and other similar dishes in Bangladesh. Most of the institutes in Bangladesh has canteen within campus where students can get vegetarian and non vegetarian food at subsidized cost. If you compare with other countries, eating habits are different so students don’t get food of their choice and they spend additional money exploring more options, this results in increased cost of food still students are left unsatisfied for food.

Bactria, Disease Pattern and treatment – as weather and eating habits are similar to India, which results in same Bactria, disease pattern and same treatment which you observe in India. If you opt for Bangladesh you study and do clinical rotation in with same Bactria, disease patter and follow the same treatment which is observed and followed in India, so you have better chance to clear MCI Screening test as it is based on medical conditions and cases found in India. If you compare with cold countries, there are few differences in Bactria and disease pattern also, which results different treatment and methodology for practice medicine.

Syllabus and Books – Syllabus and Books are same as India. Even most of the students use books and charts of Indian authors. This is very helpful for Indian students, because it becomes easy to understand the language and methodology they use to explain medical education. Other countries have different books and methodology for teaching and pattern is also different.

Hospital and Hostel Facilities – All colleges in Bangladesh has separate Hostel facilities for boys & girls, multi speciality hospitals within campus, which results in better clinical exposure. In case of other countries they have a concept of associated hospital, where students from multiple institutes/university go for practice/clinical. If you study in some other country you don’t have enough opportunity get good clinical exposure. Travelling from hostel to campus and campus to hospital also cause waste of time and money.

Other Benefits & Expenses – cost and time of travel is lowest if you travel from your home town. You can travel by bus, train and flight. Cost of travel is also less. If you calculate cost of return ticket Bangladesh will cost 10,000 to 20000 rupees (flight), if you compare with other countries it will cost approx 40,000 to 60,000 rupees. In case of Bangladesh you can also travel by bus, which cost 5000 to 8000 rupees for return ticket, this cannot be compared with any other country. This minimizes your total cost of education. Pocket money is also less required as you don’t need to travel more as Hospital, Campus and Hostel are in the same premises. You get food similar to India so you don’t need to spend more of exploring options. These all are additional advantages of studying in Bangladesh.

Best MCI Screening Test Pass Rate – now I don’t think I need to justify this, if culture, weather, language, eating habits, syllabus, books, Bactria and disease pattern are same as India, so chance of passing MCI Screening Test/FMGE/NEET PG is always higher than any other country in the world.

Students with good academics are admitted for MBBS in Bangladesh, so if your academics are good if you have completed 12th in current year or last year, you become eligible for Bangladesh and I can assure you will not find any old student (dropper) or students below 65/70% in 12th class. This justifies the quality of students and also the quality of education. If you compare with other countries most of the countries allow students with pass class (40%), some of them allow anything above 50%, most of the countries allow students with gap of 1/2/3/4/5 years. That affects difference in age, grasping power, speed of learning of entire class and environment of studies.

There are many other advantages, for more details you may post your queries on our Contact us/apply for Bangladesh page.

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Best wishes for medical career

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