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MBBS in India, almost everyone is interested in that, but less seats and a greater number of Medical Aspirants has made it rare to get admission in India. If we talk about numbers almost 1 Lakh to 1.1 Lakh seats are available for 2023 session and for these seats almost 20 Lakh to 21 Lakh students has appeared in NEET (National Entrance & Eligibility Test). Facts and figures mentioned above are good enough to justify the difference between demand and supply. Almost 4 to 5% students will get admission in India and rest will look for MBBS Abroad or Other Courses or will drop further for an uncertain attempt next year.

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Most prestigious profession, High earning job, Coaching Factors (motivating students to drop again and again) has kept number of medical aspirants waiting for years to get admission in MBBS.

But each student and parents must understand that, if you don’t get admission in 1-2 years you must move on, you must look forward for alternate options. These alternate options are mentioned below.

Option 1 – If you are interested only in MBBS, you must go abroad for MBBS.
Option 2 – if you do not want to go abroad, get admission in BAMS/BHMS/BDS
Option 3 – if you do not prefer/get options mentioned above, you must get admission in nursing or apply for some other job-oriented course.

Dropping again and again will only increase frustration among students and their parents, this will also waste your valuable time and money.

Why MBBS Abroad

  • There is no rocket science or special secret, simply if you are interested in MBBS but you are not getting admission in India, is the biggest reason for MBBS Abroad. Even if You have got admission in private college of India, but due to high fees (50 to 90 Lakhs or more even after getting admission through merit) could not afford to study in India, is the second biggest reason to go for MBBS Abroad.
  • Now NEXT (National Exit Test) is coming, which will be a common exam for Indian medical graduates and foreign medical graduates both, that means NEET before MBBS and NEXT after MBBS will be there for all students irrespective of their medical college location. So why to waste a year, money and efforts in drop. Trying to get admission within your budget and lowest possible time is the best option.
  • Currently MCI Screening Test/FMGE is conducted by NBE twice in a year, candidates need to score only 50% from 2 papers and there is no competition, no merit no ranks, everyone who gets above 50% will get license to practice in India. But yes, it is an exam same as other exams so it is bound to be tough, because this exam is based on what you have studied in your MBBS/MD will be covered in 1 exam only. This process is mandatory for most of the developed countries. Shortly this exam will be replaced with NEXT (National Exit Test).
  • Possibility of Admission & within Budget, education loan support makes study abroad easy for all.
  • There are few countries, where weather, language, culture, disease pattern and almost everything is similar to India, that gives comfort to Indian students abroad.
  • Availability of Indian Food, Teachers, Care Takers makes life easy abroad.

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