Khulna Medical College, Khulna

The Khulna Medical College  is a teaching facility within the Khulna Medical College and Hospital that was established in 1992 in Bangladesh. It is located in the city of Khulna, near the inter-district Bus Stand at the entrance to the city.

Khulna Medical College was established in 1992. With only a few students and little infrastructure initially, KMC began training undergraduate students. Post-graduate training was also given at the College. The College is affiliated to the Bangladesh College of Physicians and Surgeons. Facilities for academics, research and residency are available. Some students from the institution have already completed post-graduate degrees in various fields.

The academic building, adjacent to the hospital, is a four-story building which houses both administrative and academic sections: administration, students’ areas, and office of the Principal. For educational purposes, there are classrooms, galleries, a library, and an audio-visual unit. There are four large galleries for combined classes and six student residences, along with quarters for staff and officers of the college and hospital.

KMC is specially controlled by Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council. All the students of KMC will get MBBS degree from Rajshahi University after of last professional MBBS exam in the 5th year. Moreover, the central and special exams are placed and results are offered under the university.

Ministry of health will place all the admission examination in all the government collage of Khulna and students will select on their merit of the exam. Khulna Medical Collage is related to Rajshahi University coupled with 9 alternative government and private colleges.

At Khulna, KMC Hospital is reknowned as ‘250 Bed Hospital’. Since its establishment, KMC is providing high quality medical education among the Govt. medical colleges of Bangladesh. KMC has a strong administrative team behind its continued success.  Currently, KMC has more than 500 students at 5 batches. Last enrolled batch is K-18th Batch. The admission procedure is organized by DGHS, Govt. of Bangladesh.

Address : Khulna, Bangladesh.

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