MBBS Course Structure

Subjects & Course Structure Details

Five Years Course | MBBS Course & curriculum in Bangladesh are in accordance with the curriculum of Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council Act 2002 and the rules & regulations followed by Rajshahi University, the duration of which is five years & one year’s internship training at Hospital associated with Medical College. Guidelines & norms set by the Ministry of Health; Government of Bangladesh  is strictly following by the medical colleges.

Course Organization

First Professional MBBS Course

First Professional MBBS Course will be offered during the first 1.5 years of 5 years’ MBBS Course. It is divided into 3 terms, each of 6 months’ duration. The departments of Anatomy (650 hours), Physiology (380 hours), Biochemistry (270 hours) and Community Medicine (70 hours) provide a total of 1370 hours of instructions which include Lectures, Dissections, Practical’s, Demonstrations and Tutorials.

Second Professional MBBS Course [Duration: 3.5 year]

Second professional MBBS course will be offered after the first professional Exam and extends up to 3.5 years of the 5-yr MBBS course. The departments of Community Medicine (220 hours), Pharmacology (210 hours), Pathology (270 hours), Microbiology (220 hours) and Forensic Medicine (180 hours) provide a total of 1100 hours of instructions which include lectures, tutorials, practical’s, demonstrations and field visits.

Final Professional MBBS Course [Duration: 1.5 year]

Final professional MBBS course and will be offered by the Departments of Medicine (1500 hr), Surgery (1585 hr) and Gynaecology & Obstetrics (500 hrs) including Lectures, Practical’s, Demonstration, ward duties.



Course Evaluation

In-course Examinations: Students are expected to keep high standard in their academic performance. In-Course evaluations will be made through regular periodic class tests, assignments, card final and term final examinations conducted by individual departments. The term examinations shall include written (Combinations of MCQs & Short answer questions), orals, practical’s/clinical including OSPEs (Objective Structured Practical Examinations) and OSCEs (Objective Structured Clinical Examinations). The results shall be recorded in students progress Report Cards/ log book. 10% of marks of written of each paper of each subject in the University Professional Examinations shall come from scores obtained in In-Course formative evaluations. No students shall be allowed to sit for Professional MBBS Examinations of the University, unless he/she attends a minimum of 75% of classes held, secures at least 60% marks in class assignments & periodic in-course examinations and expresses satisfactory attitude, behaviour and conduct.

End-course Examinations: The Rajshahi University shall conduct three Professional Examinations for 5 years’ MBBS Course as follows. There will be two Professional Examinations in the first week of January and July each year. Pass mark will be 60% in each of written, oral and practical/ clinical examinations separately.

Important Details: Details mentioned here is based on the curriculum and pattern of Rajshahi University, Other Universities in Bangladesh also has similar pattern, but there are some differences like there are 4 professional exams consist of 1.5 years, 1 year, 1 year and 1.5 years. But subjects and other things are almost same.