Shaheed Zaiur Rahman Medical College, Bogra

Shaheed Ziaur Rahman Medical College is a government medical school in Bangladesh, established in 1992. It is located in Bogra town. It is affiliated with the University of Rajshahi. It has a 5-year medical education course leading to an MBBS. One-year internship after graduation is compulsory for all graduates. The degree is recognised by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council.

The principal is the administrative head of the institution. The other sanctioned posts for faculty and staff members are one Vice-Principal, 16 Professors, 19 Associate Professors, 14 Assistant Professors, 2 Curators, 42 Lecturers, 2 Pathologists, one Biochemist, and one Pharmacist. In addition to one Health Educator and one Secretary/ Administrative Officer, there are about 161 technicians, laboratory assistants and auxiliary staff to run the administrative and academic programmes of the college.There are 2 boy’s hall, 2 lady’s hall,a big playground,a volleyball court,a badminton court, a beautiful mosque & a college building attached canteen for the students.Every year about 2-5 students of this college take place in various professional examinations under Rajshahi university.

The total floor space in the hospital is 91922.02 sq.m.square meters with capacity of 500 beds (200-300 extra beds). Preclinical & Para-clinical disciplines are in College building and clinical disciplines are in Hospital building. Gallery I, II & III, IV Tutorial rooms, Dissection Hall, Practical classroom, Laboratories, Museums, Medical Education Unit. Medical Skill Centre, Autopsy Morgue, Seminar’ Rooms, Library (Air conditioned), Computer Lab are In the college building. In addition to MBBS course there is also Postgraduate Diploma course in Anaesthesiology. After Completion of 2 years after Graduation (MBBS), Two years of service for government candidate, Govt. candidate who completed another postgraduate degree al least before2 years, Non-government candidate after 1 year of completing internship, One year training on the respective subject for Diploma degree.

Address : Bogra City Bypass, Bogra 5800, Bangladesh

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